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Holidays in Greenland

Visit the world's largest island with the lowest population density. Greenland is home to the world's second largest icecap, just one of the Big Arctic Five you can discover alongside dog sledding, whale watching, the Northern Lights and the welcoming people who live there. The Inuit cultures in Greenland date back more than 4000 years, and this sense of heritage is one of the many things which makes such a cold country so warm and friendly.

The Ilulissat Glacier produces 20 million tons of ice on a daily basis, earning its place as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The land is largely untouched but incredibly beautiful, climatically diverse over the geographical vastness of the island. For those seeking the best sights of the Aurora, the best place to visit is Kangerlussuaq- but there are plenty of opportunities to see hot springs, green mountains and small farms in the countryside as well.

See free roaming reindeers and oxen and sail among the icebergs, Greenland is a location for those who are happy to take things at their own pace. We offer cruises around Ilulissat and northeast Greenland, where the contrast of dark mountains and piercing blue icebergs is not to be missed. You can also see whales on boat safari, witness these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat with Greenland expert guides by your side. Whether you're travelling in spring or autumn there are spectacular sights to be seen in this home to amazing natural phenomena.

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