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Get off the bus... Now

Get off the bus... Now

Hi Bergey, I know you would like feedback and I am more than happy to tell you about our trip. Just to let you know that our holiday to Iceland went very well indeed. Thursday night was cloudy but we were landing on the plane. Friday to Sunday had completely clear skies throughout our trip. Friday night had no show for the Northern Lights trip so we went out again, as they said you could, on Saturday night after a very good Golden Circle tour. Ours was the first bus to the site and after seeing some smudgy ribbons we were set to depart the site about 23.45. Curiously our bus was the last to leave despite being the first to arrive............ Our guide started to say "Sorry you did not have a clearer view of the......." Then he looked out of the window and said "GET OFF THE BUS. NOW" So we all scrambled off the bus to be greeted by the start of a totally amazing display which enveloped us like an umbrella. It was breathtaking. It was awesome. There were streaks, ribbons, solids, sparkly falls, reds, yellows, greens, OMG! Even the guide was jumping up and down - he said that was one of the top displays he had seen this season. All the buses that had left were racing back and some did not make it back in time for the lights. I hope they saw it from their coaches. All the credit was due to our guide. He said that he felt that something big was going to happen so that`s why we were the last bus there. Despite our best efforts the photographs we took did not do the display justice because we were directly underneath it, and we have to live on the memory, but we took wonderful pictures of our trip especially of the sea in front of our hotel at sunset. I`ve attached one for you to see how clear the weather was. The hotel was fine. Nice room and heated up quickly , comfortable bed, superb shower, good continental breakfast, (they need a better toaster though and you have to get there before 9.00 to enjoy the apple or chocolate pastries). They do happy hour at the bar between 17.00 and 19.00 (half price beer and wine - extremely good value) For your information the Pizza place below the hotel does really good food at reasonable cost. So many thanks, I will recommend you guys to anyone going to Iceland for a short break. Kind regards, Karin


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