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Certainly a trip to remember


Certainly a trip to remember

Certainly a trip to remember

Dear Bergey Thank you so very much for organising our wonderful holiday in Iceland. We had a wonderful time and got back just in time, we didn't bring this weather back with us as it was sunny when we left! We arrived last Wednesday in a terrible blizzard but the weather then got better and better. We really enjoyed all the trips and the hotel was great with a room looking over the sea front and Mt Esja, although we didn't know it was there for 2 days due to the weather! The staff were so helpful and friendly helping us with re-booking when needed. We found everyone very friendly and welcoming. The trips were also well organised and very interesting. We did see the northern lights, not the most spectacular but an amazing experience. Certainly a trip to remember and we would love to return sometime. Thank you very much Jenny


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