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10 out of 10

10 out of 10

Friday was a total clear but cold day, -15C at the glacier with the snowmobile, everybody is cold here! The Saturday was amazing! We arrive to the volcano but just to the beginning of the glacier we had had some problem with the car and the weather was really bad, anyway we enjoy like children going into the snow and getting block there, breaking the ice of the river and with the small trekking we decided to do by ourselves. The Sunday at the Blue Lagoon was just the perfect ending for a 10 out of 10 points trip. We can say we were very lucky, we were hunting for the northern lights around 3 hours or maybe more with no luck and in the last moment when we had decided to go home we saw two buses stopped in the road and we decide to stop an d go down just in case. People was saying, please go home is cold! It was, indeed, but I was keeping my hopes and I went down for last time, suddenly something started to appear far away and in a few minutes we could see them in all the sky, everybody went out from the bus and we were enjoying this amazing entertainment. It was incredible!!! In addition, both restaurants were spectacular; we love all dishes and atmosphere. We danced like mad people at the Austur! Antonio


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