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Þorrablót is here!

  • Blog
  • Louise Jones
  • 21-01-2016 14:11:07

Midwinter is here, which means that Þorrablót is on the horizon!

Þorrablót is a festival held from mid-January to mid-February. It's named after Þorr (or as we might know him, Norse god Thor) and later an old Nordic king named Þorri (literally "Frost"), both of whom were given a yearly sacrifice in the middle of winter. Þorri was also a month on the historical Icelandic calendar and fell at around this time of the year.

Þorrablót is celebrated with feasts (blóts) with traditional food. A typical Þorrablót gathering includes eating sheep's head, rye bread and wind-dried fish. They used to be the only foods available during the long winter but even though Icelanders have access to much more (and probably more appetising) food, it's fun to try some traditional tastes.

Would you be brave enough to try seal's flippers, live sausage or fermented shark? It's all washed down with Iceland's answer to schnapps- Brennivin.

There are two special days in Þorrablót, dedicated to the husband and wife. This Friday is Bondadagur- Farmer's Day, or the day you typically would devote to your husband. It's a bit like Valentine's but one way.

Of course, wives are pampered on Konudagur which is the last day of Þorrablót, next month. Married women can ut their feet up on this day (and hopefully by then all of the fermented shark has been eaten).


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