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The Brit at the Blót

  • Blog
  • Louise Jones
  • 02-02-2016 00:00:00

Iceland's currently celebrating Þorrablót, a midwinter festival. In case you missed it, we posted a blog all about Þorrablót here. The long and short of it is that it involves a lot of traditional food.

Everyone at All Iceland has celebrated Thorrablot at some point because they're Icelandic- except for one person. Louise is our resident Brit in the office and has never tried rye bread, wind-dried fish or *shudder* sheep's head.

But she'll be trying them all soon this weekend! We'll post a follow up blog complete with honest reactions- though she'll try to be polite as well...

Blót means feast, as in Þorrablót= winter feat, but it can also mean sacrifice, as in sacrificing a delicious burger to try fermented shark.


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