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My First Hakarl- Icelandic Preschoolers React to Thorrablot

  • Blog
  • Louise Jones
  • 26-01-2017 14:14:12

Has anyone ever told you that Icelanders eat headcheese, liver sausages and fermented shark?

It's not strictly true- you're not likely to find these "delicacies" at your average Icelandic restaurant for most of the year. Instead, Icelanders love succulent beef burgers, hearty steaks, varied vegetable dishes and freshly-caught fish (is it lunchtime in Reykjavik yet?).

This all changes in midwinter, or Thorri. This is the coldest time of year in Iceland so what better way to celebrate than with a big feast made from old traditional foods? These were the foods which were specially preserved- pickled, smoked, fermented- to keep them fresh during cold months with little to no harvest.

Nowadays the option for tastier or fresher food is available but it's still lots of fun to try the Thorrablot (winter feast) foods and really test your inner Viking!

These Icelandic preschoolers did just that in the video from Visir, below (follow the link or scroll down). Dressed in their homedrawn Viking helmets, one kid isn't expecting the taste of hakarl (fermented shark) to be so strong!

Would you eat hakarl? The All Iceland team attended a Thorrablot last year and our non-Icelander reported back here.


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