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Iceland FAQ: What to Wear

  • Blog
  • Louise Jones
  • 16-11-2016 16:41:12

On your first trip to Iceland you're bound to have a lot of questions- that's why at All Iceland we're publishing our Iceland FAQ blog series, to answer your most popular queries about our beautiful homeland!

Today we're talking about what to wear in Iceland.

Of course it depends on the time of year you want to travel but above all remember to wear layers. Iceland's weather is very changeable (as we say: if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes!) so it's always good to be prepared for every eventuality. Whether it's sunny or freezing, layers mean you can adapt quickly.

Make sure your shoes are equipped for lots of walking, and multiple terrains too. You want good grip so a good pair of trainers or hiking shoes will do. (If you're out in the evening for a night of exploring Reykjavik, you might want to pack another pair of shoes- it's not so slippy on the pavements!)

Don't forget your swimming costume either! Iceland is a swimming nation and there are pools everywhere from manmade to geothermally heated outdoor springs. Even if you stop by the Blue Lagoon at the beginning of your break, you'll be happy you packed your costume because the water is lovely to bathe in.

To help you remember what you need, here's an excellent video by Iceland Academy:


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