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Iceland at Easter

  • Blog
  • Louise Jones
  • 23-03-2016 10:42:18

Gleðilega páska, or Happy Easter from All Iceland!

Easter is fast approaching this weekend- even faster for Icelanders, as they begin a national holiday on Maundy Thursday! Having five days off work and school is pretty nice and lots of families choose to go away at the weekend- there's plenty to do in Isafjordur which is home to both a ski and music festival at the end of March.

You might see a few easter bunnies in Iceland, but a figure much more popular is the Easter chick- chocolate eggs come with a toy chick or rabbit on top! The eggs also have flowers on them and contain sweets and a proverb- bit different to the hollow eggs in the UK!


All shops and bars close on Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday for 24 hours, but there are quite a few restaurants and pubs open on Friday and Saturday- all the better for meeting up and socialising with friends.

Easter Sunday's all about sitting down with the traditional lamb dinner- and you're in for a treat because Iceland's lamb is really good quality and delicious. Homes are decorated in greens and yellows (a bit like over here) but you're not likely to see loads of daffodils- although they're called páskaliljur ("Easter lilies"), daffodils don't always bloom in time for Easter. Keep yor eyes peeled though, you might be lucky!


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