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Congratulations To Fire And Ice Ultra Runners!

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  • Sólveig Gunnlaugsdóttir
  • 16-10-2015 14:59:05

The Fire and Ice Ultra marathon took place last weekend, a real test of willpower and teamwork! Participants ran an impressive 250km- that's around 155 miles - over mountains, mud pools, sand dunes and lava fields.

Starting from the largest glacier in Iceland, the course runs over some of the most recently formed ground on the planet due to its site at Iceland's most recent volcanic eruption. This is an area which Fire and Ice Ultra has exclusive access to, so runners are traveling over otherwise untouched land! The sense of Iceland's sublime landscape is overwhelming on this trip, which some of the best views offered in a marathon on offer.

Congratulations to Adam Danforth, who was first to finish the course and definitely earned some time to unwind in the hot springs at the end of the race! All Iceland would also like to congratulate all participants for taking on such a rewarding physical challenge, and also to everybody who made the amazing marathon possible. All Iceland has been a proud partner of the Fire and Ice Ultra for four years and this marathon is like no other in Iceland!

Participate in the Fire and Ice Ultra with All Iceland

You can visit the Fire and Ice Ultra website for more information on the course


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